Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

It is important to speak with a qualified lawyer if you have questions about debt relief through bankruptcy. While most people are eligible for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, each person’s unique financial circumstances will determine which chapter it is best to file under.

I can help you determine which course is best for you. I am Jonesboro and Stockbridge attorney Allen Hammond, and I represent people throughout the South Atlanta Metro. With more than 20 years of experience in the area of bankruptcy law, I know how to guide my clients through the process as quickly as possible. I also know that people considering bankruptcy can be nervous, even scared of the process. Every day, I work to take the fear and confusion out of this legal lifeline and give people the financial fresh start they deserve.

I offer a free consultation, and in most cases can begin bankruptcy filings within one hour. Call 770-603-6572 to speak with a lawyer about your debt relief options.

When Chapter 13 Might Be A Good Option For You

Most people who are good candidates for Chapter 13 bankruptcy are so because they do not qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This is usually the case when someone’s income is too high, or has types of debt – student loans, for example – that cannot be discharged under Chapter 7.

There are important advantages to Chapter 13, however. People who want to stop foreclosure or avoid having their car repossessed can benefit from filing for Chapter 13. Because debts are “reorganized” and people are given time (between three and five years) to pay off a portion of their debts, it gives them the chance to save houses, cars and other property that might be liquidated under Chapter 7. Just as importantly, after the repayment period, remaining debts are discharged completely.

I can determine if you qualify for debt relief under Chapter 13. The entire process typically takes no longer than a few months, and most people only have to attend one meeting with a “bankruptcy trustee” where the terms of their bankruptcy will be reviewed. I will guide you every step of the way until your debts are discharged and you begin rebuilding your credit.

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