How Do I Keep My Car?

Most of us need a car to get around. This means that when people are facing repossession of their vehicle because of missed payments, or worry that they will lose their car during bankruptcy, they need someone who can help them stop creditor harassment and get debt relief – without sacrificing their transportation.

You can get out of debt while keeping your car. Bankruptcy doesn’t have to be a complicated, fear-inducing process. I have been helping people in Stockbridge and throughout Atlanta’s South Metro area from my Jonesboro offices for more than 20 years. By choosing Allen Hammond Attorney At Law, to help stop creditor harassment and reorganize your debts, you will be getting the advice of an experienced lawyer who will do everything possible to make rebooting your finances a smooth process.

If I determine that you qualify for bankruptcy relief, I can begin the filing process in as little as an hour. Call 770-603-6572 to schedule a free consultation.

When Bankruptcy Might Be An Option For You

When you meet with me, I will carefully go over your debts, assets and income to figure out which type of bankruptcy protection will be best for you.

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an option for people with relatively few assets and significant debts, such as credit card bills or medical bills. While some assets are sold (“liquidated”) to pay off a portion of debts, various exemptions can be used to prevent many types of property – including cars – from being taken away.
  • People who have steady income and are significantly behind on car payments can take advantage of Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This reorganizes debts and gives people three to five years to pay off some of what they owe. Then, the remaining debts are discharged, and people still get to keep their possessions, including their cars.

Learn How To Stop Car Repossession And Get Out Of Debt. Contact My Firm Now.

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